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Summer Has Passed But Your Window Of Opportunity Hasn’t!

//Summer Has Passed But Your Window Of Opportunity Hasn’t!

Summer Has Passed But Your Window Of Opportunity Hasn’t!

Kristin Oliver
SOBA Director

Did you say August???

So, summer has officially flow out the window (yet the heat remains)! Somehow in all of the mix of everything my July post also went out the window. In June we held an amazing breakfast mixer with over 50 attendees! Networking is one of the fastest ways to get the word out about your business.

These days most of us resort to text and email to contact our clients but the other day I was at a ribbon cutting and overheard a member talking to their family. One of the family members said, “Wow, everyone from SOBA remembers your name.”

That is so true; the networking SOBA encourages gives our members a leg up on their competition. To be able to recognize your potential client or your potential referral giver is a personal touch that we seem to be missing in day to day business. I want to encourage all of you to make those face to face contacts. Like most of you, I too am busy beyond belief and with school starting soon my second job as my kid’s taxi driver will take up even more of my time. If you missed the breakfast make sure you come out to the next one.

On to July! Can I just say “Holy cow”?! We had so many ribbon cuttings this month I hardly knew what to do with myself. I felt like a rock star that lands in a different city every night constantly hoping I would say the right business name during a presentation. Let me shout out to those new members

Congratulation to:

Today’s Vision
David Seguin and Associates Dental
Hidden Dragon
Smoke the Restaurant
Hope and Harmony Counseling

Canyon Springs Family Dental
European Laser Med Spa
Enhance Dental
Randolph Brooks Federal Credit Union at Encino Commons

We wish the best in your business dealings and look forward to seeing you at our events.

On July 22 SOBA gathered at Smoke the Restaurant for our Summer Sip and Savor mixer. 60 business owners attended and I personally met a lot of new people that are opening shop right in the Stone Oak and surrounding areas. You can check out photos on SOBA’s Facebook page. The food was outstanding! So if you haven’t made your way there I would HIGHLY recommend it.

August is just a few days away and while many of you are planning last minute trips and back to school shopping SOBA is working hard on Winter Celebration. Every year SOBA, Welcome Home and Living Through Giving come together to put on the annual Winter Celebration co-hosted by North Central Baptist Hospital. Every year this event grows and the out pouring of support from the community is nothing short of a miracle. Living Through Giving’s mission is to help children who have been displaced from their homes and family due to abuse, neglect and an array of other reasons. The Department of Family and Protective Services places these children in foster homes and shelters.

I cannot imagine the stress and sadness I would feel in that position. The goal is to ensure that each of these children has a gift to open on Christmas morning. I encourage you to help out in any way you can. We constantly need more volunteers to get the word out to more of San Antonio and just new fresh ideas to keep this event growing. Living Through Giving is currently looking for committee members who will donate a portion of their time to helping sell vendor booths and recruit volunteers and donation sites.

If you’re interested in joining call me at 210-248-6047. The first meeting will be in mid August. Until then- network your hearts out. See you August 19 at Helix from 5:30- 8:00 pm!

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